Bild  på Mjölby kommuns vapensköld som även länkar till startsidan för Mjölby kommun
Bild  på Mjölby kommuns vapensköld som även länkar till startsidan för Mjölby kommun


Om kommunen

Om kommunen

Översätt med Talande webb (Translate with Talking web)

Talande Webb (Talking Web) is an aid that makes the web speak. It can also translate the text to almost any language.

The program reads web pages and pdf files, marks the text being read, saves readable numbers as mp3 and allows you to screen off to keep the focus on what you are reading.

The tool can also translate the text on our pages into any of the languages you choose in the list that appears when you click the globe in the panel that appears when you enable Talking Web.

Talking Web is free for you as a user.

First of all enable Talande webb (Talking web) by clicking the enable link below:

Enable translation

Click the globe to choose your prefered language.

Other functions

Placement of the controll panel
You simply move the panel by clicking the cross of arrows. Then pull the panel wherever you want.

There are two reading modes in Talking web: "Point and Read" and "Mark and Read".

Point and read
When the icon with your finger is highlighted, Talking web is reading the text you are pointing to, while the text is highlighted and you get a visual feedback.

Select and read
When the icon with your finger is not a market, first select the text you want to read and then click the play button. This feature works best with long texts.

Save as mp3
You can choose to save text as an mp3 (audio file). Select the text you want to save and click the icon. You can then rename the file and save it to your computer. This feature is convenient when you want to read a longer text on the bus on your way home or repeat the information several times without being connected to the internet.

Focus/Fade Out
This feature helps you keep the concentration of what you are reading. The screen is tinted down and only a narrow strip where you read is clearly visible.

Text zoom
But this feature gives you the text enlarged at the top of the page. You can access your settings and change the color scheme and size of the text.


Under Settings, you can choose to create your own account where you save your personal settings. When you switch to another computer, mobile or tablet, you can log in to retrieve your saved settings.

This button opens a view explaining the various features of Talking web.

The color scheme of the selection
Choose the color that suits you best, the highlighted text will change color.

Text magnification (turned on by default)
Here you choose if you always want to start Talking web with the text preset turned on.

Size of text magnification Here you choose the size you want on the text. Touch the text for auto-reading Select which read mode you want to start Talking Web with.

Voice speed
Select the speed you want at the reading. Read the contents of the pdf document Here, you choose whether Talking Web should always ask you if you want to get the pdf document read or if PDF documents are always to be read without the Talking web asking you first.

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Organisationsnummer: 212000-0480