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Tuesday 23 January 2018
Mjölby kommun

Welcome to the municipality of Mjölby

Fontän i Svartån.
Mjölby is an expansive municipality with its sights firmly set on the future. Our population currently stands at 26,000, and the figure is steadily rising. You're welcome to join us, too!

Great housing for all

There are three towns in the municipality: Mjölby, Skänninge and Mantorp. Mjölby is the largest of the three. It's of great use both for municipal services and for shopping. The Town Hall is also located in Mjölby. Every year, Skänninge hosts the traditional Skänninge Marken street fair. Mantorp is famous for its trotting track and race track. The plains surrounding us are a living landscape that is actively farmed.

There is housing to suit everyone here: flats in central Mjölby, or houses in the countryside... Wherever you choose to live, you can enjoy the benefits of both the rural areas and the town, while the rest of the world is never very far away; the city of Linköping is just 20 minutes away by train, and it takes 45 minutes by train to Norrköping. You can get to Stockholm in about two hours by train, and just under three hours by car.

Truck på BT.

Healthy climate for business cooperation

The biggest employer in the region is Mjölby Municipality. Other key employers include Toyota Material Handling, the global truck manufacturer, and Väderstad Verken, which makes agricultural machinery. Companies such as ASM-Foods, Artex, City Gross, Cenova, Derome, Mantorpsköket, Plåtmodul, Swedex and Runsven-gruppen, with central warehouses for ÖoB and others, also operate here. Lantmännen is a major Group with operations throughout the municipality. We're a close-knit community and the geographical distances are never that great. We have a practical and creative approach to everyday life. Cooperation with local businesses works well, decision processes are not complicated and we enjoy an open dialogue.
Mamma med barn i Gästisparken.

From childcare to university

We have well-established, high quality nursery schools. Our nursery schools were the first in the country to be assessed in accordance with the SiQ quality assurance method. We have several schools, the upper secondary school offers almost all programmes and we also have higher vocational programmes. Many university students commute to Linköping.
Kille spelar saxofon. Foto Michelle Lifh

Art, music, nature...

The municipality has a vibrant cultural and recreational scene, and the towns and villages in the municipality are home to libraries with modern technology. The musicians, dancers and actors of tomorrow hone their skills at the School of Culture. An “art tour" exhibition is organised every year in partnership with local artists. We have a lively and varied music scene. There is also an excellent swimming pool and leisure centre - Lundbybadet - riding schools, two 18-hole golf courses, an ice rink, sports halls and a wealth of opportunities to get involved in recreational activities.

Medborgarservice is here for you

Medborgarservice (citizens advice) can guide you in the right direction if you need help with anything from finding schools and childcare, to housing, planning permission, social services or music lessons. And much more besides.
Phone: + 46 142 859 95

Postal address:
Mjölby kommun, 595 80 Mjölby,
Street address:
Burensköldsvägen 11

The tourist office is also here to help

Phone: + 46 142 850 03
Fax: + 46 142 415 90

Street and postal address:
Stora Torget 2
596 23 Skänninge

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