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Tuesday 20 March 2018
Mjölby kommun

Facts about the trade and industry

Foto: Jarl Asklund

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is of great value in Mjölby Municipality. As much as 30 per cent of the employees work in this sector. The largest company in Mjölby is Toyota Material Handling AB, a global leader in materials handling with a production plant in Mjölby employing some 1500 personnel. Another large company is Väderstad-Verken AB, a leading company within soil tillage and seed drilling in Europe. About 500 persons work in the company which is situated in Väderstad.
Foto: Jarl Asklund

Retail and tourism

Retail and tourism are of great importance to the area. Mantorp Park is Sweden's leading motor arena offering a large number of motor events and racing competitions. Mantorp Park also hosts a safety and eco driving school. The park is visited by well over 200 000 persons per year.

Foto: Andreas Smith

Agriculture and food

Other important branches of industry are agriculture and food processing industry not surprising as Mjölby is in the centre of the fertile plain of Östergötland. One example of a successful food processing industry is ASM Foods, developing and selling products to ice-cream producers in approximately 30 countries.
Foto: Cenova AB

Engineering industry

Several companies in the region have evolved out of a clever idea in engineering into successful companies with an international reputation of quality and know how. Cenova AB is a medical device subcontractor in Mjölby with many international very well-known customers.
Foto: OptiBag Systems AB


Another field where several Mjölby companies have made themselves a name involves the environmental issues. OptiBag Systems AB is the world's leading supplier of optical sorting systems for household waste. Stena Recycling and Joraform are other examples of successful enterprise in this category.

Wood working industry

Mjölby has a strong tradition of wood working industry, intarsia and furniture production, however the number of companies in this field has decreased over the years.

The workforce

Approximately 10 300 persons had their employment in the municipality of Mjölby 2009. There is a significantly higher proportion employed in manufacturing industry and slightly higher in agriculture than in the rest of Sweden. Mjölby has however a lower proportion employed in services.

The largest employers in the municipality, measured in full-time positions in January 2011:

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